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Krosno x Karim Rashid by Tomek Albin, our new Photographer. Welcome on board!

  • Sakred - Tomek's new vintage campaign

    The whole collection was designed by Karim Rashid ”Sakred - the pure geometry of the cylinder and the cone, the most universal forms of the world, are the simplest and timeless shapes to contain spirits. The various compositions and colours give a sense of power, stability, and purity to an everyday ritual.” - Karim Rashid.

    photo: Tomek Albin

    set design: Piekna

    client: Krosno Glass

    art dir: Łukasz Napolski

    ad. agency: Fastline Advertising r

    retouch: Photokitchen

    designer: Karim Rashid

Posted 2019-02-26 16:34:16